Good Morning and Happy Sunday LOVERS!
Come state?

This has been a prettu intense week for GACKT Italia! As you may see, we have completely renewed our website. No it’s much more professional and there’s also the possibility to buy GACKT’s latest releases on iTunes from the GACKT Store Global. Do you like it?? We are completely crazy about it!
Let’s talk about all the news regarding our beloved GACKT, starting with two TV shows GACKT attended as a guest:


Don you think that GACKT looks really beautiful in white?

But let’s focus on the news, some days ago, GACKT celebrated Takeshi Nakano’s birthday and the party man posted some photos on facebook:


This has also been the week of the blogs! GACKT has in fact posted the Blomaga number 61 and his official blog.


Here below the links to the Italian and English translation:

We want to remind you that GACKT Italia always gives you not only blog translation but also the translation of all the social media! Lately GACKT has been really active on facebook and our staff is translating his messages almost live.:


Yesterday morning Nico Nico channel broadcasted the live streaming of final audition for Moon Saga 2 – Mysteries of Yoshitsune – heroine! Aren’t you curious to see who’s going to be Yoshitsune’s new love interest? GACKT Italia watched the streaming live and snapped a lot of photos for all of you LOVERS!

There’s one last news that we want to share with you today. Tomorrow, may the 12th 2014, it’s going to be 15 years since the release of Mizerable! GACKT Italia and all the italian LOVERS want to give GACKT our best wishes for the 15th anniversary of his solo carreer! CONGRATULATIONS!!