How’s everyone doing?
Auditions for the Heroine in 『MOON SAGA – Mysteries of Yoshitsune』was today?
Did any of you tune into the Nico live-stream?

Recently I’ve been writing parts of the script
whenever I have a moment to spare.
My imagination’s running wild.
But tailoring the story into something performance-sized
involves the pain and dilemma of compressing the events.

Mysteries of Yoshitsune,
An installment of my Visualive: MOON SAGA.

…What? You’ve never seen it before?
Geez, get with the times…
There’s a DVD out,
So go study your ass off before this one goes live!

I’m finally seeing how this script will work out,
so I’m sure it’ll turn out to be a performance that pleases everybody.
stay tuned and look forward to it.


『MOON SAGA -Mysteries of Yoshitsune- the 2nd Chapter』
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