Good Morning dear LOVERS,

Let’s introduce a new feature, weekly this time. GACKT ITALIA staff thought it could be really wonderful to interact more with all GACKT fans and readers of this website, so we decided to post a weekly Staff blog where we face the most important moments and share with you all our point of view.

This has been a really eventful week, GACKT is very busy with the promotion of his new movie “Akumu-chan The Movie”, in Japanese cinemas starting from next Saturday May the 3rd. We have translated a lot of GACKT iterviews and a lot of exciting news regarding Akumu-chan.

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In these interviews, GACKT said “Akumu-Chan is a movie that both kids and adults can enjoy“. Here below we post some of the interview translated by our awesome staff where GACKT also says “I love to spur people and think about the children’s future“.

You can also find two new official trailers for Akuu-Chan while waiting for the movie to be released next Saturday in cinemas (only Japanese ones for now). Aren’t you super excited just like we are to see what’s going to happen in this movie??

As for GACKT Italia news, we have a lot and super exciting ones! First of all, as you may have noticed reading this page, the site is almost fully bilingual. We realized that a lot of our readers where coming from outside Italy too, so we decided to give you all the chance to read, understand, enjoy and interact with all GACKT things related.

As you may have also seen, we have finally publish the new issue of our own FANZINE. The new May number contains a lot of official GACKT news, an article dedicated to Moon Saga 1 costumes, a very dedicated analysis of GACKT’s new single, P.S. I LOVE U and an all Italian Style Chibi GACKT version.

Schermata 2014-04-24 alle 08.32.44

You can read it easily and completely free in this post or by clicking the image above. We are really proud of how it came out and we are so curious to know what you think so heat up the comment box below!!

Starting this week, we also opened a new “daily feature” to involve you more inside GACKT’s wonderful world. Every day, together with the Salottino on the forum and the Keep Calm on our social, we will post what we call DAILY QUOTE or QUOTE OF THE DAY so you can all learn more about our beloved artist.

GACKT has also published his latest blog where he talks about flower and mandarines (?!) curious to know what she said?! Read the translation here


We also want to remember you all that this year GACKT will reach a milestone, 15 years of his solo career! He talked about it in his official blog (translation will be available soon) and GACKT Italia wants to give him our best wishes!! We also want you to remember that there are some more anniversary in this week:

April 25th 2001 – April 25th 2014: 13 years since Rebirth


April 26th 2000 – April 26th2014: 14 years since Mars


April 27th 2000 – April 27th 2014: 14 year since GACKT started his first big tour MARS

April 27th 2005 – April 27th 2014: 9 years since the release of BLACK STONE

That’s all for today, we leave you with this photo GACKT posted on his Official FAcebook page yesterday and we are curious to know your thoughts in the comments below! So heat up the box below, we want to know what you all think about it!!


Hugs and happy Sunday everyone!


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