What kind of woman would make GACKT fall in love?

The famous drama aired in 2012, Akumu Chacha, is coming back a sa movie! We will move between reality and nightmares, what is the fate of our heroine Ayami and Akumu chan? Before the release, Saturday May 3rd, we interviewed GACKT who’s playing in the movie sequel of the drama.

「 Love declaration for Keiko Kitakawa?」


■ Including this work, recently GACKT has been very active as an actor. Since when you are interested in acting?
G: I wonder since when… I had experience in acting since I was in a band, so I think from when I was 20 years old.

■  Actor and singer, what’s the difference between the two GACKT?
G: Not much, it’s actually the same.

■ What do you mean?
G: If I can make a position for myself as an actor, there’s no need to ask for the role to someone else. You build up the role working, talking and communicating with the director, the staff and the co-stars. I feel that if the director tells you that you have to be like this, I think “that’s why he chose me”. And I think that becoming the character means existing for every person, I think it’s the same for an artist.

■ How did you feel about reuniting with the members of the drama?
G: Everyone is friendly here, there’s a good atmosphere. Especially Manatsu she is a mood maker, she always had the thrust for everyone and was always at the center of the attention among the co-stars.

■ Regarding your character in the drama, you had a calm image, but…
G: More than you could think, I’m good at acting like a child. I’m scary and really impressive. Amazing.

■ What kind of “nightmare” does GACKT see?
G: In the dream, I’m dating Keiko. There’s a good atmosphere in the beginning, then, I don’t know why, she gave me a glass of water. Keiko smiled, then I drank. So she said “Drink again” and I drank again and again. In the end I said “It’s not possible anymore” but she said with cold voice “Not anymore” and she continued many times. So I woke up screaming. And when I woke up I called her on the phone and tolde her. She said “Is that so?” and she was really pleased with herself. So I though it wasn’t really a dream. (laughs)

■ Please, tell us what to expect from the movie.
G: It’s something that both kids and adult can enjoy and this work has to be seen with kids and parents. A message to parents has been added in many parts of the movie, Shiki Takashi, whom I played, is not good at telling things. In fact he’s quite immature himself. How ever by starting to communicate gradually, he’s becoming better in talking, this means that Shiki himself is growing. I can say the same about the relationship between children and parents, against the children, parents close their hearts hiding them from children’s sight. We can say that in the relationship between parents and children to if the parent can grow with time and become an adult. i think it would be nice if a message like this could reach them.

● Learned. World Domination!


■ If you had a door that could lead you “anywhere” now, where would your destination be?
G: Finland or Estonia… There are a lot of beautiful women there. So they told me, so I have to go there. However when I go to other countries, people of these countries always tell me the same thing, I heard the same when I went to Czechoslovakia (laughs). Actually there are a lot of beautiful women in Poland, I was surprised.

■ So, I’ve heard you want to learn spanish. Is it because you want to conquer Spanish women?
G: It’s one of the reasons (laughs). I can speak English and Chinese now, if I’ll be able to speak Spanish, I’ll be able to talk with more then half of the people in the world. That’s why. If I’ll be able to do so, will I have more fun? I’m studying English again now. So maybe another time.

■ What is the ideal woman for GACKT… I’m curious to know what kind of woman would the perfect man want.
G: I like beautiful women, but I like cute women more. I love women with a cute smile. Beauty is like a flower getting old, but cuteness change with the scenery. The fact is that when you get old, beauty will take different shapes. Cuteness is something more sophisticated. I’m insisting on finding a person this cute.

■ What kind of dish do you want a woman to cook you?
G: Soup, white stew especially. It wasn’t so different once. The fluid that the old man drank in “A God of Flanders”- I’m so curious, they told me it could be absolutely delicious.

 Always a gentleman, GACKT has a transcendent aura. It’s inspiring, thank you.

Gift: We present a Polaroid autographed by GACKT that he gave us during the interview! The period is between April 22nd (Tuesday) and Apri 29th (Tuesday). Enjoy!


Information: “Akumu chan The movie” May 3rd 2014, Saturday – Roadshow.


Yuiko (Manatsu Kimura) goes to the Akie elementary school where Ayami (Keiko KItagawa) teaches. She has the ability to predict the future waiting for the unconsciousness of a person and connect with them through a nightmare. Yuiko who transferred to Akie elementary school when she was in fifth grade, has defeated her pain due to her power since a year and a half. Triggered by the meeting with Ayami who reads and solves Yuiko’s dreams eluding future dangers, is able to melt in the class and enjoy school life. One day a transfered student named Kaji (Marius Leaf) arrives into the class. All the children that see him, recognize him from one of the nightmares and begin to mutter. Yuiko has seen the nightmare with Kaji and in the same dream also the boy dream price, who looked a lot like him, appeared. However, Yuiko si hiding the contents of the nightmare in which Kanji appeared, to Ayami and Mannosuke (Fumiyo Kohinata), her grandfather. In a dream, Yuiko was in love with the boy dream prince. Kaji, with his charm, is able to steal the hearts of the kids in the class and become their leader. And the action of the children detonated by Kanji’s words causes a great event that overlapped with the nightmare Yuiko watched…


English translation from Japanese thanks to Kana. Source: Girl’s walker

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