SPINDLE lands in Italy, the largest Japanese ICO that aims to democratize investments in cryptocurrency

As founders of Japan Italy Bridge and GACKT Italia admins, we organized a dedicated event in Milan on June 4th for the presentation of SPINDLE, the first Japanese ICO platform that was created to connect users and crypto hedge funds through blockchain technology with fairness and transparency. The Chief Strategy advisor, GACKT and Lina Seiche, PR Manager and evangelist of SPINDLE, participated in the presentation which was held at Talent Garden in via Calabiana.

Here's the official video of the presentation event held on June 4th 2018 at Talent Garden Calabiana, in Milan:

SPINDLE, the biggest Japanese ICO and match-making platform, lands in Italy

SPINDLE, the largest Japanese ICO that aims to democratize investments through cryptocurrency, lands in Italy

The admins of Japan Italy Bridge/GACKT ITALIA, together with TMP Group, organized a dedicated event in Milan on June 4th for the presentation of SPINDLE, the first Japanese ICO platform that was created to connect users and crypto hedge funds through blockchain technology with fairness and transparency. World-renowned artist GACKT and Lina Seiche, senior analyst and evangelist of SPINDLE, participated in the presentation which was held at Talent Garden in via Calabiana.
SPINDLE is a project led by Blackstar, a Japanese company which was founded by a group of experts in the finance, investment, legal, and technology fields. The company currently operates out of offices based in Shanghai, London, and Tokyo. This initiative was spearheaded by the CEO of Bullion Japan Inc., Masamitsu Hirai, who is a veteran in investment funds with an established career as a fund manager and consultant for Funai Soken Holdings Inc..
SPINDLE aims to remove the existing concept of privileged investment, which refers to investments being almost exclusively accessible to only a small group of experienced investors. It aims to bring a form of democracy to investment activities, to make it available to everyone regardless of age, social background, and other such factors. It also aims to rework the concept of a fully centralized financial structure and develop an extensive global financial ecosystem through use of blockchain.

All the official photos from the event can be found below:

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SPINDLE Zone Instagram update.

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WEIBO video with GACKT. Transcript below:

When you talk about what a job is, to me, a job is something that supports what is precious to you.

I think that a job is a responsibility of everyone who lives in that country.

In return for that work, we receive a wage. But whether you can live in abundance with this wage, with only this, is another conversation.

As expected, people who possess a balance between jobs and investment are few and far between.

Those who are especially capable of this are only those from the wealthy class, isn't it?

It's a pity but, till now, the chances for what we call investment tends to go to only a small group of this wealthy class.

So, this cryptocurrency is something that is exceptionally speculative. In other words, I believe that there are many people who have been able to gain a net profit or an investment income from it. But at this point in time, holding cryptocurrency is still largely speculative.

In all of this, this SPINDLE project aims to start from this speculative entry point and forge forward. The general impression of investment is that it is geared towards the rich. We want to widen this range to the rest of the people. Wouldn't it be good if chances at future investment projects can be fairly made available for everyone?

This is what we, the members of SPINDLE, spoke of. This concept, it's an opinion that we all share.

So this SPINDLE provides... SPINDLE is the name of the coin. The SPINDLE team provides a platform. So what is this platform? It's a platform called ZETA.

As to what this ZETA is, it is the collection of the world's hedgefunds. If, in future, professionals from around the world will invest in this as well, it will be in our best interests.

However, generally, it's not really possible for just any person to invest in a hedgefund. But, what we're providing, this platform, ZETA, will gather all the hedgefunds in the world in this.

SPINDLE holders, the users, can not only hold and use the coin, but if the holders of this SPINDLE can gain access to the global hedgefunds through this platform, if they can invest as well, to them, to the holders of SPINDLE, they will be able to choose their investments.

Of course, I think that if you're able to invest on your own, that's the best option. But in the first place, chances for that, it's rare, isn't it?

Because there are so many people who don't understand it. You'd think that you can just invest on your own. Well if you think that you can, then just do it on your own.

In terms of the merits of using ZETA, you don't have to start from scratch to look for investments, to do your research. All these things take a lot of time.

All the reputable hedgefunds will be in this ZETA, and through it, you can check the business records, you'll know what kind of operations they are involved in, you'll know what kind of profits they're making, you'll also know how they used to operate in the past.

In addition to that, you'll be able to choose what's suitable for yourself. Be it high-risk, high-returns or vice-versa. You have choices.

From there, you can choose to invest in one, you can choose to invest in three, you can even choose not to invest. In other words, this is a match-making platform for the global hedgefunds and the private investors.

We're not inoperable. Ultimately, we're providing this platform and gathering the reputable hedgefunds from around the world. For the users of SPINDLE. This is what we always remember as we worked on this project.

So for this platform, this ZETA, the most defining characteristic of it is that it uses blockchain technology to fill out all business records and investment incomes of all the hedgefunds that participate in this.

It can be said that this will give the participants, the investors, and the hedgefunds, the ability to make transparent investment decisions. This is a condition that has never been done in the past, it's an investment style that has never been seen before. With this, I think that we will be able to bring the ability to invest closer to the general populace.

Using cryptocurrency, those people who have been simply speculatively using cryptocurrency will be able to progress forward into something that is considered as investment transactions, instead of speculative transactions, in this platform.

We wanted to provide a service that is a world-first, and this is what the SPINDLE project is.

Those who are watching this video right now, if what you want to do can lead to your dreams, isn't that the best outcome? However, there aren't many how have jobs that allow you to realise your dreams.

Majority of the populace have jobs that are only able to help them survive. Because of that, don't you think you have to find a balance between working your job and investing? Those who have these thoughts will be able to live life more richly. That is something that I have always had in mind during these past 15 years of experiences.

Through this time's project, not only do I want people to know and understand what cryptocurrency is, I hope for this for the people associated to SPINDLE, the users as well, but wouldn't it be great if the starting point to a life of abundance starts by using SPINDLE? That is most important to me.

Transcript: GACKT ITALIA Team

Transcript © GACKT ITALIA


SPINDLE Zone Instagram update.

This is Admin GACKT. Some of you may have become aware of our listing plans. We are not going to list at one exchange. On 519, the Nineteenth of May, we are becoming the world’s first project to simultaneously get listed in five countries! Even more so, and this is usually all but unthinkable for cryptocurrencies, we are making arrangements to list on exchanges in twelve countries within this year. [...] Also, this is something we have explained various times in the past: the listing is NOT SPINDLE's ultimate goal. From here on, in order to create the world we are pursuing, one by one we will be launching a number of unique services. As the name suggest, the platform “ZETA” which we are developing will be a constantly evolving ecosystem that shall surpass your imagination. From the bottom of my heart, I hope that you can raise SPINDLE to new heights, by our side. If you have been active in the ICO space before, or if you are a member of other ICO Telegram groups as well, you may have already realised this, but our SPINDLE core member Mister Uda is an extraordinarily honest and devoted man. In no other ICO Telegram group ever have I seen any team respond to their community’s questions and requests this fast. He is extremely busy and chased by a lot of work, yet he will always give his time to listen to your words and reply to your messages. [...] The SPINDLE team is always checking your messages and spares no efforts to embrace and adopt your ideas. It is an exceptionally dedicated and ardent team. Also, we promise that we are going to make happen what we say. You can take my word for this as well. You will be able to say you are glad to be a SPINDLE fan. Please look forward to this. [...] Also, we hope that you understand the SPINDLE project is not seeking one-shot profits - we truly believe that to all of you who are taking part, SPINDLE will become a form of support in realising the dreams that each and every one of you holds in their hearts. Carrying your thoughts and feelings, SPINDLE will keep on growing. We hope for your continued support. [...] Thank you. GACKT For the full message by @gackt visit t.me/spindlezone #spindle #スピンドル @spindle_zone

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