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VAMPS Halloween Makuhari Day 1 Report   A Frenzy of 14000 Monsters

On 23 October, the 3-day performance for <HALLOWEEN PARTY 2015> hosted by VAMPS, was held at Chiba’s Makuhari Messe International Convention Centre halls 9 ・10 ・11. Before these 3 days of performances, there were 2 days of performances at Kobe, where it was met with great success with 16,000 people attending it. This article will be a report of the happenings of the weekday performance on the 23rd where 14,000 people attended!

When the members and Camui♂Gakuen Student Council President, Camui Gakuto (GACKT) appeared wear mini-skirt nurse costumes and black-framed specs, the loud cheers that rang out could be said to be one of the highlights of the day. In the hall with excitement soaring over the exceptionally high-quality cross-dressing, they performed 「Camui♂Gakuen BABY」with HYDE and K.A.Z’s names arranged in it! Just as we think that a comical MC was to unfold with 「Everyone, scream hentai for me with all your heart!」, a perfect reproduction of the MV’s dance for L’Arc-en-Ciel’s 「STAY AWAY」 was performed. Lastly, on the dizzyingly dark stage, GACKT wore YOSHIKI-style clothes and brought in the X JAPAN copy-band, “SEX JAPAN(Super EXcellent high school students in JAPAN)”, performing 「X」. GACKT was a perfect copy of YOSHIKI, with his high speed drumming and twin-bass smashing while topless.

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Then, DEEP GIRL, wearing a beautiful white dress, can dance and sing to introduce GACKT's production the ''Camui♂Gakuen''
The school President, dressed like a nurse, Camui Gakuto, wearing a very mini skirt with sexy underwear, in a true "female" style, changed the version of the song 「Camui♂Gakuen BABY」in the VAMPS HALLOWEEN's one, and the show started!
Thanks to HYDE's and K.A.Z's skills the song reached the max of the beauty!
The song accompanied the EDM dance, that makes everyone live unforgettable moments!
The audience screamed :「GACKT~!」, but he suddenly replied with a sensual voice:「I'm not GACKT!I'm the Camui Gakuen School President. Guys, now that you are here, you don't have to do anything else but follow the rules of this school!」, he goes on saying「 I want to take this opportunity to show you how much I love VAMPS」, and starts singing the song「STAY AWAY」de L’Arc~en~Ciel.
Then, in spite of the fact he sang and worn very female clothing, he was able make everyone hear the strength of the words in those songs, furthermore in the Arc~en~Ciel video presented in the ed, he performed a dance just like the one in the video with no mistakes at all.
He also performed the very funny Kire Kiren dance.
Afterwards, he sang and took care of the coreography for 「Jōnetsu no inazuma」song「La passione di Inazuma」, and when everyone thought the live was ended, here they appear again during the concert, the X JAPAN or「SEX JAPAN」(Super EXcellent high school students in JAPAN).
So the comical character presented till now of the School council President changes to become the one of a bared chest guy in front of the drums!
He starts hitting the drums while holding the sticks with perfect control.
The super famous song「X」that will stay forever in history wasn't performed by X Japan, but for the new band member, they got themselves know as SEX Japan.
Even after the end of the live, the event area was alive with excitement.
Even the applauses kept coming without stopping.




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After the school bell rings, you can listen the words of the school "Without shame, shameless" and the GACKT presents Camui♂Gakuen can start.

The Student president reached the stage dressed like a sexy nurse: long blond hair, a blue-sea miniskirt and black fishnet stockings scaring all the students.
In every edition of the Camui♂Gakuen School Festival the more countless bands came to perform in famous artists' covers, and this day they arrived with BIG BANG's「FANTASTIC BABY」and saying “Sky is totally red, but not as much as HYDE" and then they met VAMPS performing「Camui♂GakuenBABY」.
Then, the school president started to explain school's rules: "Here in Camui♂Gakuen you can't answer with a simple「Yes」to a question ever, but with a 「At your command!」, and now it's HYDE's moment with his「STAY WAY」」. The song was performed with the cover of the most famous L’Arc~en~Ciel's song.
After the song, the music video of the "kire kire dance" is played, it caused a stir in the audience! The athmosphere got really heated up!
After the student's exhibition, everybody started to dance a dance copy of GACKT's 「Jōnetsu no inazuma」and members start to run away from the stage.
When everybody was thinking that the show was finished, here comes the background of the song「WORLD ANTHEM」to call X JAPAN, and the pop music exhibition of the Camui♂Gakuen 's “S.E.X JAPAN(Super EXcellent high school students in JAPAN)”begins! All the band members then, started dressing like X JAPAN.
While GACKT, sitting at drums, took off his shirt showing his naked chest and started beating on the drums very strongly imitating YOSHIKI.
In addition to the singer's perfect body, he seems to have no equal in playing the drums! So the audience started screaming splitting eardrums.
The audience started jumping and screaming 「X」,「S.E.X」! The audience's mood during the Camui♂Gakuen de Gakuensai went skyrocketing!

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Halloween Party short report on Mezamashi TV today


In the general audience's astonishment, here comes GACKT with his band to present "Camui Gakuen" projecting school's pieces on the screen!
Just after being announced from the presenter, here's him coming in the role of the Camui Gakuen Student Council President wearing a very large-based skirt and black glasses!

They stun the audience singing the VAMP's version of the song「神威♂楽園 BABY」written by HYDE and K.A.Z!
Followed by 5 nurses, he says :「gather your hearts and say I'm perverted. For all the people perverted like me that love HALLOWEEN PARTY I decided to sing the HYDE's song HaHaHa!」reminding everyone of the PV and his kirekire dance performing L'Arc~en~Ciel「STAY AWAY」!

GACKT after performing the song holding a nurse's cap in his hand「情熱のイナズマ」an X appeared on the screen, like the X Japan's copy band known as Sex Japan. Meanwhile GACKT, sitting at the drums, takes his jacket off and shows his naked chest starting to hit strongly on the percussions!
GACKT's performance, despite of the excessive speed, ended without him breaking a sweat by the time he stopped playing, showing his innate skills with drums!


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