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The ratings pushed me to the highest level this year as well.
There are people who can say whatever they want about it being a sham, but if that’s the case, how comfortable would it be?

There will always be people who mercilessly attack those who attract attention, even if they expose their faces in public and act with such passion that they vomit blood.

I am also a human being before I am “GACKT”.

I certainly don’t mean to say that everything is 100% something I’m proud of.

However, I never expected that I would publish a second book, “Confessions.”

No matter how you explain it, facts are facts.


Flying to the other side of Saitama


last love

…I poured out all the stories that I can’t talk about lightly in a book.

“What’s going on with…?”

There are some people who keep rehashing useless gossip.
Read this book.
It’s all written.

[From the secretary]

GACKT’s book “Confession II”
Now on sale (Kindle version available)

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