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The difference between “good women” and “The Minato-ku girls” is intelligence and character.

A rude woman who puts all her status on her good face will bring down the rank of the man she’s with.

There is nothing more unsightly than the sight of people making noise everywhere.

Is the person next to you a “good woman” or a “woman with a nice face”?  
If you don’t have the grace or intelligence, you have two options.
Cut or learn.

This is not limited to Minato City girls.
Without class and intelligence, men and women will end up being of little value.

I pray that there will be more good women and good men.

People who can no longer enjoy other people’s happiness become unhappy zombies.

They blame others for their own misfortunes, complain and spread evil spirits around them.

Unhappy zombies hate happy humans and make more friends.

In order to avoid becoming a zombie, it is also necessary in life to choose the people you live with.

You should keep your distance from zombies without hesitation.

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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