GACKT has “second coming” to Saitama Prefecture as “Oda Nobunaga”! After “Fly to Saitama” became a big hit, the nation was unified in armor [with photos]

Following the blockbuster success of the movie “Fly to Saitama” which was released in February 2019 and recorded a box office revenue of 3.76 billion yen, the sequel “Fly to Saitama – From Lake Biwa with Love” was released on November 23rd. is also a huge hit. According to an announcement from Kogyo Tsushinsha, as of December 4, the box office revenue has exceeded 1.15 billion yen, surpassing the previous work.

This work continues to star Fumi Nikaido and GACKT, and is set in Saitama and Shiga prefectures and contains plenty of local material.

“It was originally scheduled to be released in 2022, but filming was postponed due to GACKT’s poor health in September 2021. At one point, it was feared that it would be shelved, but filming somehow resumed. After that, they proceeded carefully while being concerned about GACKT-san’s physical condition.

This work was completed after such hardships, but recently, GACKT’s media exposure has increased dramatically, also serving as promotion for the film. Even though it’s a sequel, it’s now a “man of time” again.” (Movie official)

GACKT originally came to Tokyo as a band member and became a big hit. He began his career as an actor in earnest with the role of Kenshin Uesugi in the 2007 NHK taiga drama “Furinkazan” and is currently demonstrating a wide range of talents, including acting as a manager.

It was in mid-December that GACKT appeared in Saitama again. At a shrine in a corner of a residential area, there is GACKT in armor…

Dozens of extras were gathered at the shrine, which is located in a vast park, holding flags that read “Oda Nobunaga,” making it look like a movie shoot. It was a complete change from the fairy-tale costumes in “Fly to Saitama,” and his armor and mustache gave him the atmosphere of a military commander.

A passerby who was present at the scene said the following.

“When I heard the conch shell, I thought something was going on, but it turned out to be like the filming of Oda Nobunaga’s marching parade scene. GACKT-san was skillfully riding a horse, and he occasionally smiled. However, it was difficult to put on the armor. It must have been difficult… (lol). It took two staff members to put it on.”

In 2024, “Nobunaga GACKT” will unify the country!


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA