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2023 year-end party

Celebrities, musicians, actors, martial artists, managers.

A year-end party for only good men.

10 bottles of whiskey, 5 bottles of shochu, 3 bottles of sake, and 5 bottles of wine.
5 bottles of champagne. 20 bottles of tequila.

The final tequila festival is a finale worthy of being called a year-end party from hell.

By the way, Mr. Maeda and Mayo Kawasaki of TUBE are extremely strong drinkers.
Those two are monsters.

MIA who took her nipples was dead. There may be a causal relationship between nipples and the strength of alcohol.

Kanata Hongo’s body looks so delicate, but he stood with determination until the end.
You don’t judge people by their appearance.

It’s necessary to have fun like this with your loved ones at least once a year.

“It’s a different time”
“This is not the time.”

I know you will say that.

However, even if times change, GACKT’s way of life will not change, and he has no intention of changing it.

Let’s live true to ourselves.

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