On the 4th, artist GACKT took the stage in Osaka to give a speech to express his gratitude for the blockbuster success of the movie “Fly to Saitama ~From Lake Biwa with Love~” (now in theaters).

A sequel to the movie “Fly to Saitama,” which was made into a live-action movie based on Mineo Maya’s manga starring GACKT and Fumi Nikaido, and grossed 3.76 billion yen at the box office. The Saitama Liberation Front’s ambition to “create a sea in Saitama” spreads to Kansai, leading to a confrontation between East and West.

It was released on November 23rd, and it became a hot topic in the Kansai area (2 prefectures and 4 prefectures), where it recorded box office revenue of 330% compared to the previous film, and GACKT said, “(And not making Kansai people an enemy) is the same. “That’s not true. A lot of people come to see it, but I’m sure they don’t like it,” he cautioned.

There are many stories that disparage Kansai, but he says, “It’s all the director’s fault.” He said it was not an homage but a “rip-off” and added, “I almost never asked for permission” and “I think I’ll be sued,” which caused a burst of laughter.

Source: oricon.co.jp

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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