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“Confession II” is now available in electronic version!

His first autobiography in 20 years was released this month.

“Confession II”

is now available as an e-book! 🎉

The electronic version has the other cover of the paper version,
All the color photos at the beginning of the book are different from the paper version,

Furthermore, the number of pages will increase significantly.
Published on page 15🎊

🔷 Contents of Confession II

GACKT’s first sequel autobiography in 20 years.

The struggle during the hiatus period when he wrote 20 suicide notes, behind the scenes of the movie “Fly to Saitama” in which he starred,

Conflicts in “rating” during 71 individual wins, brilliant exchange records with senior artists,

He reveals his work and private life as a businessman, including his billions in debt and his last love.

A long-awaited book for fans.

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