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#GACKT-san #Ryo Kato #Nao Asahi
#Hitomi Hoshi’s girlfriend told her fortune🔮

Unknown and surprising true nature & true face revealed!! ️
Private life overseas…love, compatibility, etc…
GACKT-san’s world is fully open🌏🪐


#Haraichi Sawabe #Matt appears on the streets of Shibuya✨🐶
#Shiuma and the three of us will be fortune-telling at Shibuya Yokocho using the total of the last 4 digits of our mobile numbers 🔮

After the broadcast, it will be streamed on #TVer and #FOD ⚡️

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⭐️One grain is 10,000 times a day⭐️Daian auspicious day etc.

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#It’s sudden, but can I tell you my fortune?  
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