Tonde Saitama X update. New photos with GACKT, translation below

“#Fly to Saitama ~ From Lake Biwa with love ~”
㊗️ Stage greetings on the first day are over! 🎉

The opening day stage greeting has ended successfully! 👏

The joy of finally being able to deliver it to you,
Everyone, this work Fly Saitama too
I can see that you enjoyed it
It was a wonderful stage greeting 🥺✨

And what!
104 people as a surprise
A big gathering of Tobidashi Tobita! 💨
Details will be updated at a later date
Please wait for the event report😚

To everyone who took a look,
thank you!
For a while, I will be careful about spoilers.
Thank you for posting a lot of impressions💓

Finally, I took the podium for the stage greeting today.
Off-shots of the gorgeous cast 📸

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA