Singer and actor GACKT gave a stage greeting on the opening day of the movie “Fly to Saitama – From Lake Biwa with Love” (Director: Hideki Takeuchi / Distributor: Toei) at the Marunouchi TOEI in Tokyo on the 23rd with actors Fumi Nikaido and Tsubasa Masuwaka. , Mayu Hotta, “Wild Bomb” Kukki! , opened with Mary Jun Takahashi, Mayo Kawasaki, Norika Fujiwara, and director Hideki Takeuchi.

Manga “Patalliro! This is a sequel to the movie “Fly to Saitama,” which was made into a live-action film starring Nikaido and GACKT and grossed 3.76 billion yen at the box office in 2019, based on the original work by manga artist Mineo Maya, who is known for works such as “Fly to Saitama.” Despite its shocking content, which thoroughly disses the fictional Saitama prefecture, it carved a deep love for the hometown into the hearts of Saitama residents.

GACKT, who played the main character, Rei Asami, turned to the audience and asked, “Did you feel bad?” A laughing female audience member in the audience shouted “Awesome!” and said, “I’m relieved. “If everyone’s reaction was bad, I would have cried and went home,” he said, drawing laughter with his lighthearted tone.

Comments on the film’s release: “I was talking to the director yesterday, and he said, “Saitama is in a strange situation right now.” He asked me how many times do you think this movie can be played in one movie theater? , I counted it to myself, but I was told that I had turned it 20 times, far exceeding that number.I thought it was a bit strange,” he said, surprised by the almost enthusiastic response. yes.

During the photo session, there was a surprise appearance from all sides of the venue, in which 104 children dressed up as “Tobidashi Tobita”, named after Lake Biwa’s maximum depth of 104 meters, appeared. However, GACKT said, “I always look at her because I think she’s cute, but no one makes eye contact with me.” The children reacted to this, and from then on they began to make proper eye contact, and GACKT was also grinning at this.

The movie “Fly to Saitama ~From Lake Biwa with Love~” is now in theaters!


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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