[New content distribution information] Distribution starts on December 25, 2023

Docomo’s new video distribution service Lemino has recently renewed the popular travel variety series “Hama-chan Go with Juniors,” in which Downtown’s Masatoshi Hamada takes his junior comedians to enjoy golf and gourmet food. ) has decided to exclusively distribute the new work “Hama-chan’s Holiday ~Travel in Malaysia~” as an original work.

This time, GACKT appears as the first guest on the program!

Furthermore, the first live performance commemorating the release of the new series by the Hamada Corps led by Hamada has been decided!

About the distribution of “Hama-chan’s Holiday”

“Hama-chan Go with Juniors” is a popular series that has been distributed since June 2014 on the video distribution site “YNN” operated by Yoshimoto Kogyo. Downtown’s Masatoshi Hamada takes a free-spirited trip with fellow comedians he is close to, and takes them on unusual journeys to various places.

The original work that Lemino will be offering exclusively to Lemino is the Malaysian version of the renewed version of this series, “Hama-chan’s Holiday,” which was created as the latest work.

This time, GACKT, a unique artist who is active all over the world, appears as the first guest on the program!

From the local gourmet recommended by GACKT, who has lived in Malaysia for 12 years, to places that the members cannot usually go to.

Guided to a high class restaurant. Then, we will invite the Hamada team to GACKT’s super luxurious home.

Furthermore, the group will once again be delivering a holiday trip full of privacy, such as chartering an open bus to tour tourist spots and going to night markets!

[Program overview]

◆Title: Hama-chan’s Holiday ~Travel in Malaysia~

◆Cast: Masatoshi Hamada (Downtown), Takashi Imoto (License), Shunsuke Hirai, Taiki Tsutsumi (Dorianzu), Masayoshi (Sakaist), Geragera Alien

◆Number of episodes: Total 5 episodes

◆Contents: This is a popular travel variety series in which Downtown’s Masatoshi Hamada takes his junior comedians to enjoy golf and gourmet food, and this time we will be delivering a trip to Malaysia. The trip with License Imoto and other familiar members was the capital, Kuala Lumpur. This is a trip where you can experience things like sightseeing and activities, and also get to know your private side, such as the closeness of the members in the communal life that is unique to this trip.

[Delivery overview]

◆Delivery information

It will be distributed on NTT Docomo, Inc.’s (hereinafter referred to as “Docomo”) video distribution service “Lemino®” (and “Hikari TV”, which is currently being provided).

◆Delivery form

All episodes will be distributed free of charge with advertisements.

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Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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