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– Information release announcement –

A sequel autobiography, the first in 20 years since the bestseller “Confession”, which has sold over 100,000 copies.

“Confession II”
The release has been decided.

“Confession” was originally GACKT’s first autobiography, released in 2003.

GACKT, who turns 50 after 20 years of silence, looks back on the second half of his life!

・Struggles during hiatus during which I wrote 20 suicide notes
・Behind the scenes of the starring movie “Fly to Saitama”
・Conflicts with “Celebrity Rating Check” with 71 consecutive wins
・Brilliant exchange records with senior artists
・As a businessman, he has billions of debts.
・And the last love

This is a long-awaited book in which GACKT reveals his work and private life.

[Color gravure photos are also included at the beginning]

🔶Release date
Wednesday, November 22nd

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“Confession II” (GACKT)

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