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I read an article that said bullying in elementary, junior high and high schools is at an all-time high.

I was wondering how everyone was actually doing.
I asked a question and got an answer

The result is
Approximately 80% of respondents said they had been bullied.

Bullying seems to increase rapidly when placed in a stressful environment.
Stress never goes away

The 80% in the survey is shocking, but
The number of children is decreasing every year
The number of bullying cases is increasing
This means that the proportion is much higher than expected.

There was always bullying
It will never go away
Even in the adult world
Even in everyday life
even the media
Because they casually engage in criminal acts called bullying.

Losing your life due to bullying
too cruel and sad

For those who attack me,
Because of the people who attack me,
It’s too sad to lose your life

It’s okay to run away,
It’s okay to ask for help
There is no need to be patient,
There’s no need to fight

I wish we could live in a world where those who commit the crime of bullying are judged appropriately.
It’s not going to happen

at least,
There will always be a punishment for those who bully.

The solution is also
I can’t even find the words to say

What should I do?
I can’t give you any advice.

It’s frustrating

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA