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No, wait a minute

All major companies are collectively discontinuing commercials with Johnny’s Jimusho.
I’m understanding this, but

Such problems and rumors have existed for a long time.
Every company, sponsor, and advertising agency must have heard about it.
In fact, they should have known about it.

It is still understandable if an individual artist has something to do with the termination of a commercial.

This time, each artist is not related to this.
Or rather, they are a victim.
It is strange and weird to terminate a commercial with them in the first place.

That’s it,
Wouldn’t it lead to a damage to the company’s image?

They have been using the artists and celebrities as their faces for a long time now,
But they stop using them just for the sake of [inadvertent compliance].

They use the word compliance.
But in the end, they are just along for the ride and have no idea what they are doing.
What this incident has exposed is that these companies have no interest in supporting these artists or their fans,

For many fans,
I can only imagine the displeasure they must feel toward such companies.

They disregard the love of the fans too much.

Such a company will surely pay a heavy price later on.

The way they handled the situation this time
I can only say one word: disgusting.

This trend of Japanese compliance is just too creepy.
It’s really too creepy.

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA