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Yesterday, GACKT-san’s latest publication 『GACKT Defeat Record』 went on sale.
Currently, Yohei Kitasato of our company
is participating in a poker tournament with GACKT-san in Hanoi, Vietnam.

After GACKT-san and Kitasato arrived in Vietnam, they went straight to the poker venue.
Enter the tournament as is.
They passed the preliminaries on the first day and won the prize.

Yesterday, Kitasato finished 12th in the main race.
GACKT-san continued his rapid advance,
To the final table!
It was a respectable 3rd place.

GACKT-san, grabbed a big victory on the release date of Chronicle of a Defeat,
As expected.

Ladies and gentlemen, if there are any of you who have already read 『GACKT Chronicle of a Defeat』,
Please let us know what you think on Twitter and his Amazon.
Since Kitasato will be in Vietnam with GACKT-san until 9/13,
I would like to introduce my impressions to GACKT-san.

『GACKT Defeat Record』 Now Available on Amazon!

P.S. From Kitasato, a two-shot of the two on the release day of 『GACKT Chronicle of a Defeat』
GACKT-san’s final table photos have arrived, so let’s share them!


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA