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Today, Nico will deliver!

Report from the *Secretary.

GACKT, the butcher!
Omae no Onoroke wo Hear Me Yarimasu SHOW!!!!

Date and time of distribution:

Today, Thursday, June 15, from 9:00 p.m.

URL for distribution

→Go to the Nico Nico Live Broadcast page.

This is a project for viewer participation! The MCs will be breaking down your comments!

Of course, we are still looking for your advice and questions!
Sex, work, relationships…etc.
Anything is OK!

How to apply:
Please register as a friend from the following URL and apply!

The first half hour is free of charge.
You can watch the first 30 minutes for free, though,

Please register as a member and
to watch it in full! 😉


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