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This is an announcement from GACKT’s Nico Nico Live Broadcast Channel 📢.

★Announcing from the Secretary.

The “Buttercup! has already been renewed drastically!

Buttakiri no GACKT!
Omae no Onoroke wo Hear Me, Yarima SHOW!

This is a project for viewer participation! The MCs will break down your onoroke!

Date and time of distribution:

Today, Thursday, June 8, from 9:00 p.m.

Of course, we are still looking for your advice and questions!
Sex, work, relationships…etc.
Anything is OK!

How to apply for the consultation:
Please register as a friend from the following URL and apply!

The first half hour is free of charge.
You can watch the first 30 minutes for free, though,

Please register as a member and
to watch it in full! 😉

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