Musician GACKT will appear as a guest on Fuji TV’s variety show Talkies (11:00pm) on 1 and 8 June, where he will talk candidly about his past relationships, including the number of women he has dated.

The programme brings together female celebrities such as Rino Sashihara and Asako Ito, who are so sought-after on variety shows that not a day goes by when you don’t see them. They form the “Talk Queens”, the strongest female corps in variety shows, and bring out the true faces and new charms of the guests in this talk variety show. The female talents themselves interview the guests directly beforehand, and based on this information, the women ask the guests in the studio a lot of questions. The guests are then “stripped naked”.

Singer and super-celebrity GACKT, who knows all about the first class, appeared in the studio. While many of the women were excited to see GACKT for the first time, as this was the first time they had ever met him, Maki Fukuda, a heroine at 3 o’clock, interviewed GACKT before the studio recording. The location of the preliminary interview was Malaysia, where GACKT has moved to. GACKT has been living in Malaysia for about 12 years, and although he is a mysterious man whose personal life is hidden from the public, this time Fukuda was able to “sleep over” at GACKT’s mansion. The film closely follows GACKT’s veiled life.

GACKT, who leads an elegant Malaysian lifestyle, is almost 50 years old. To ask GACKT, whose appearance and style have not changed at all since his youth, about the secret of his youthfulness, the talkies in the studio ask him a lot of questions about his eating habits and his particular sleeping method. In the pre-interview VTR, they decided to have dinner at GACKT’s favourite restaurant in the evening. Fukuda delves deeper into GACKT’s views on love, and GACKT gives a surprising answer: “The number of women I’ve dated so far is less than one hand”. GACKT also revealed that he once had a big love affair with a girl he was madly in love with that ended in a break-up, and asked her “What caused the break-up?” and so on, Fukuda asks a question here and there.

After the meal, GACKT asked Fukuda if she wanted to stay over, and was given a special opportunity to stay over at GACKT’s house. What kind of night did Fukuda spend with GACKT? While the women in the studio were curious, Fukuda said in the studio, “GACKT, it was a sweet night, wasn’t it?” GACKT, who knows all about the best, showed them his first-class hospitality. What is GACKT’s definition of ‘first-class’? The women in the studio are impressed by GACKT’s aphorisms on socialising and life, as he also has a side as an entrepreneur.

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