GACKT Official news update. Translation below:

Ticket upgrades will be available at the Tokyo Garden Theater on Friday, March 24.

We will accept applications in person at the venue. Please come to the reception desk.

Upgrade your tickets to “Diamond Reserved Seats” by paying the difference.
No advance registration is required, so please register directly at the venue. However, due to the limited number of seats available, the event will end when all seats are taken.

Please be sure to present your previously purchased tickets. If you do not present the ticket, you will be charged the regular price instead of the difference. Please understand this in advance.

March 24 (Fri.) 17:00- at the reception counter at the venue
Diamond Reserved Seats

There are no plans to accept upgrades for Platinum Reserved Seats.
*Registration will end as soon as all seats are sold out.
Payment is by cash only.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA