Kitazato Yohei Instagram update. New photo with GACKT, translation below

The other day, Dj Shacho of Repesen came to stay at our house in Malaysia.

The kids came home from school to find Dj Shacho at their house, who they had seen on YouTube, lounging by the pool and smoking shisha.

They were surprised, “Why is he in our house?”

I was surprised. LOL!

In the evening, I invited Mr. GACKT to join us for dinner, and afterwards we went downtown for a drink.
It was refreshing to see GACKT and Dj Shacho in such a unique two-shot.

Dj Shacho came to Malaysia purely for fun.
I asked him if he would allow me to interview him for the publication of my book, with a dirty mind that is the mirror of a publisher.

He said, “No problem! Can I stream it on insta-live?”

He readily agreed.

So, I asked him about his story.
Well, it was interesting.

It was the first time that I was so stimulated by someone so much younger than me.
I had thought that I had been competing with my ability to make quick decisions and take action in order to be selfish, but I was shocked to see Dj Shacho acting more boldly and continuing to produce trouble and results.

At the same time, I felt that I could not be defeated.
I thought to myself, “I can’t lose,” and at the same time, “Next time I meet him, I’ll be able to tell him about the most recent episode, which is more interesting to me.

But, you know what?

In the past, when the tension got like this, I would usually move to challenge something and the next time I would say, “This is what happened to me! I would tell the story.

But then I saw a shocking scene.

As soon as Dj Shacho returned to Japan, I received a call from him.

I will be performing at the Yoyogi Gymnasium on March 5, and I was wondering if you could take a video of GACKT commenting on the event. I asked GACKT if he could take a video of me commenting on the show.

I asked GACKT and sent the video to him.
It was shown on a big monitor on stage in front of more than 10,000 people at the Yoyogi Gymnasium.

The content of the video was Mr. GACKT encouraging Dj Shacho to drink tequila.

The content of the video, in which Mr. GACKT is encouraging Mr. Dj Shacho to drink tequila, was the reason why Mr. Dj got the buzz in the first place.
The video was about GACKT’s tequila-fueled rant against President Dj. After he finished his drink, he ended up throwing up several times while saying the name of the Pokémon, which was funny and got a lot of attention.

This video is a retry of the same thing.

That’s what I did at the beginning of the Live.
I had to perform in front of 10,000 people for the next 2 hours or so, but I was so tongue-tied that it was a total accident.
I couldn’t sing, I couldn’t speak, but one after another, big-name artists from overseas made friendly appearances on stage.
The president of the company, tongue deep in his pants, was just staring at one of them from the Dj booth.

And actually, I was watching.
During the rehearsal, people around me were asking if it was too much to drink tequila at the beginning of the show, even though it was a video. I was told that it was too hard to drink tequila at the beginning of a live performance.

Dj Shacho said, “GACKT went out of his way to shoot a video for us, but there’s no way I’m going to use a bottle of tequila and not drink it!”

The moment when Dj Shacho flips the switch on his “Han-ki” (Chinese spirit).

It was like hearing “Don’t wanna miss a thing” from Armageddon, like a blues virus bravely heading for the battlefield even though it knows it will die.

It was beautiful.

And then he became a star again, and only the legend remained.

Dj Shacho always gave his all and lived as if his life was on fire.

As the lyrics of the Blue Hearts say.
He was as beautiful and cool as a rat.
I thought he was cool.

I thought to myself, “Next time I see him, I’ll definitely have a more interesting episode than him! I thought, “I’ll definitely have to come up with a more interesting episode!
But it seems I will have to start over.

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA