Musician GACKT will appear on Yomiuri/Nippon Television’s “Downtown DX” (every Thursday at 10:00 pm) on the 16th.

This time, under the title of “The Best of Pair SP,” the best of celebrity partners will gather in the studio, with GACKT appearing as a pair with singer/songwriter K, with whom he became friends after the film festival after-party.

 K praises GACKT’s stoic work ethic, and GACKT praises the quality of K’s piano accompaniment. Then, Masanori Hamada blurted out, “According to GACKT, K says that K is talking about fourth-grade-level vulgarities,” and Tetsuya Morita of Saraba Seishun no Hikari revealed, “According to the information I have, GACKT’s vulgarities are worse,” and GACKT’s appearance at the concert was shown on the VTR.

K also complained about the slow pace of GACKT’s speaking and the length of his stories. When asked why, GACKT responded, “I always want to share information, saying, ‘This is what happened. (I always want to share information, such as, “This happened,” and I will make an effort to do so. When Matsumoto offered a solution, the studio erupted in laughter, and GACKT was left alone, lamenting, “This is the worst thing I’ve been told in the past five years.

■ Appearances
Masanori Hamada, Hitoshi Matsumoto

Tomahawk Onigoe, GACKT & K, Momi Kudai & Maasa Takahashi, Kuro-chan (Yasuda-Daikircus) & Richi, Seiya (Shimobori Meisei) & Hiccolohee

Remote Appearances
Tetsuya Morita (Saraba Seishun no Hikari)

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