Around 8:00 in the morning in late September, GACKT (49) appeared at the arrival gate of Narita Airport. His only baggage was a small trunk. His manager, who was waiting for him, quickly approached him and accepted the trunk. As he walked slowly, he seemed to be relishing the joy of returning to Japan for the first time in a long time. A person involved in the movie industry said, “GACKT returned to Japan in September last year.

GACKT announced last September that he was taking an indefinite leave of absence due to health problems, so the filming of the sequel to the movie “Tonde Saitama” was put on hold. However, in May of this year, he announced his return by the end of the year, and filming will finally resume in mid-October. Since “Tonde Saitama” would not be possible without GACKT, the people involved believed in his return and promised to “wait as long as it takes” after he had spent time abroad recuperating. I heard that he returned to Japan this time to meet with the cast, including Fumi Nikaido, who will play the lead role.

GACKT is about to shoot a big movie, but in fact, he also has a big job in his private life.

GACKT is planning to build a new house in Malaysia, where he has moved to. He is planning to build a new house in Malaysia, where he has moved to, and this time he is even designing it himself.

GACKT has been living mainly in Malaysia since 2012.

The mansion in Kuala Lumpur, which was shown in the “Direct Hit! Shinso Sakaue” (Fuji TV) in 2007, a mansion in an upscale residential area in Kuala Lumpur covers a total area of 1,700 square meters. It is equipped with a swimming pool, gymnasium, bar counter, poker room, and other facilities. I can’t stand it! I can’t stand it! It must be worth at least 500 million yen.

“I just happened to have land in Malaysia”

This magazine interviewed GACKT about his new residence immediately after his return to Japan.

–Why did you move to Malaysia in the first place?

I moved to Malaysia because it is the only country I could find. I have visited more than 350 cities in more than 80 countries. I have always traveled in search of a place to live.

I have lived in Malaysia for about 10 years now, and there is no other city that surpasses Kuala Lumpur. It is the best place to live in the world. The food is delicious. The cost of living is low, and the highways and infrastructure are all in place. Furthermore, people from all over the world gather here. And English is the main language. I have never had any problems with Malaysians. I feel the power of a multi-ethnic country where society can exist without any problems between ethnic groups.

Dryness is bad for the throat and skin. In my house in Malaysia, the temperature is 26 to 28 degrees Celsius without air conditioning. Japanese people may think that Malaysia is humid and hot, but it is about the same as early summer in Japan. That’s why it’s easy to control my physical condition.

–I heard that you are going to build an even more luxurious new house.

(After a brief pause.) “Because I found a better place.”

–Are you designing it yourself?

You know a lot. Before the Corona disaster, I happened to hold onto a piece of land in Malaysia, but I put it on hold because I thought that maybe I could find a better place in Europe. I kept looking for a new place to live while I was recuperating in Europe, but when I returned to Malaysia, I realized once again how wonderful the country is.

During my recuperation, I had a lot of time to do voice training. At first, I sent a picture to our staff saying, “I am thinking of building a house like this,” and they asked me, “What does it look like from the other side? So I redrew it on paper. After a day of doing this, I was asked the question again and again, and if I had to do this every time, I would lose a whole day.

I thought it would be very difficult to show architectural designers what I had drawn on paper, so I decided to learn CAD (2D and 3D design software), which architectural designers use.

I wish my car could be a piece of furniture.

–Why did you decide to design your own house?

When I’ve built houses in the past, I’ve had meetings with designers and just given them instructions, but I still can’t get a house that I like completely. But I couldn’t make a house that I liked completely. So I decided to do it myself, design it myself, and then hand it over to the designer for a clean copy. CAD is used not only for architecture but also for making products, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to make a production and to study it.

–What are some of the special features of your new home?

I thought it would be nice to have a house to spend time with a car. A car is a sad vehicle, isn’t it? What I think is cool about a car is the exterior. But when you get it and drive it, you can’t see it yourself. That is sad. Essentially, a car is a complete luxury by itself. So I wish it could be a piece of furniture for my house.”

–Then you put the car in the living room.

Cars are the best decorations. I’m not interested in having cars in my garage. Cars are most impressive when they are not being driven, and I miss not being able to see them. I would rather drink sake while looking at a car than drive it. I would like to have a house where my car-loving friends can gather at night and drink around it. I want a place where my friends can get together and relax with their friends.

I used to have a lot of cars, but I didn’t want to have them all lined up in my living room. That changed after I drove a Lamborghini. I only need a Lamborghini anymore. Hopefully I can find a girlfriend like this.”

GACKT laughs, “It’s going to be a great mansion.”


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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