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Broadcasting in February 2023, “Japan’s Got Talent,” the largest audition program “open to anyone from all over the world” to discover stars who will go on to become global stars.
“Japan’s Got Talent,” the largest scale audition program to discover stars who will go on to become global stars.
GACKT, Takayuki Yamada, and Alice Hirose have been selected as some of the most talented judges in the entertainment industry!

GACKT’s comment:
I feel very honoured to have been chosen as one of the judges.
I have always wondered if there is really that much talent in Japan. Will they really gather? Will they really appear?
That is what I have been wondering ever since I heard about this project.
Whether or not we, the viewers, are attracted to it.
Even if we don’t understand the reason, there must be something that catches our attention.
That is the key to an audition.
When there is something that overwhelmingly surpasses what we imagined, we are captivated by it.
I would be happy if people who exceed our imagination come out.
If they do come out, please try to impress us seriously and to the death.

ABEMA “Japan’s Got Talent” Program Outline
Scheduled broadcast date: February 2023
Judges: Masanori Hamada (Downtown), GACKT, Takayuki Yamada, Alice Hirose
Supporting ambassadors: Wesp, Yuriyan Retriever

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