GACKT Official news update. Translation below:

We have received inquiries about our new service “GACKT ONLINE G&L MEMBERS CLUB” which will be renewed on November 1.
We have prepared a Q&A in response to those inquiries, so please take a look below!

[Q] Will the fan club disappear? What does it mean that the service will be terminated?

The service will end at the end of October, but will be reborn as a new fan club service on a new site from November!

[Q] Who will operate the service?

We will use the “Bitfan” system, an all-in-one platform operated by SKIYAKI Corporation, but the site will be operated by the following G&LOVERS staff as before!

-Operation staff introduction-
President TAKUMI
Editor-in-Chief Awazu
Tetsuko Agoyanagi
Niece Mai

[Q] What are the services online? What are the changes compared to the conventional services?

Bitfan’s services include

Live video streaming
Live audio streaming
Live audio streaming, live video streaming, group chat

and group chats in real time.
From November, we will be offering the above new mechanisms in full effect!

Live video streaming from a movie shooting or commercial filming!
Live audio streaming from a live rehearsal studio!
Live audio streaming from the studio of a live rehearsal!
Participate in management meetings via live streaming and group chat!

More than before, GACKT, members, and office staff will transmit information in real time.
Members-only truthful explanations about NEWS reports, etc.!

We will promptly provide a variety of real-time information that fits the current times!

[Q] Will there be any more fan club events?

GACKT ONLINE G&L MEMBERS CLUB members-only events will also be held.
We will also be planning meet-and-greets and other events that are only open to members on tours and at events♪ (separate from ticket privileges).
Conventional fan events and fan meetings will be resumed based on the Corona situation.

[Q] Will there be no more GG MAGAZINE (bulletin), birthday cards, New Year’s cards, and renewal privileges for the previous LOVERS ROOM contents?

Unlike the previous G&LOVERS, this site will be reborn as a site that delivers live information on GACKT in real time!
Therefore, it will be reborn as a completely new service, without taking over the past contents.

GG MAGAZINE (Bulletin) will be delivered to you in a different form.
On your birthday, you will receive a video message from GACKT♪
New Year’s greeting cards will be sent exclusively to members who enter their mailing address!

Since this is a monthly site, there will no longer be renewal privileges, but you will receive monthly content in real time!
Instead of renewal privileges, members will be able to accumulate points for each renewal and redeem them for goods and various events.
We will announce the details of the point system at a later date.

[Q] What will happen to the ticket priority?

We will introduce the privilege of purchasing priority tickets for concerts earlier than before.

We will also provide live streaming from backstage, rehearsal, backstage, etc. at the concert site to make your day exciting even before the performance♪.
This has not been possible with previous fan sites. (TT)

[Q] What will happen to my membership number and membership card?

It will be a new digital membership card. Your membership number will be given a new number.
You will always have it on your phone, so you won’t forget to bring it with you.
Your membership card will always be close at hand!

[Q] What happens to my personal information?

When you register as a free member of Bitfan, the following information is required
Date of birth
Prefecture (if in Japan)
and the country/region/province (if in Japan).
Other personal information can be registered voluntarily.
Please note that personal information already registered with G&LOVERS will not be transferred.

Please enter only the minimum required personal information to simplify the application process and eliminate the risk of information leakage.

[Q] I am concerned that if I calculate the monthly fee as an annual fee, the price will increase over the existing membership fee.

Since you will be able to enter and leave the membership only for the period you wish, the annual membership fee may be lower than before.
It will allow us to provide you with better real-time information on GACKT than ever before!

[Q] Is it possible to subscribe to the monthly subscription only for the advance lottery for live concerts?

No problem at all to use it that way!

However, once you see our service, you will not be able to stop….
We aim to operate the site in such a way.

[Q] What will happen to my current fan club membership expiration date?

If your G&LOVERS membership expires after November 2022, you will be able to
If you are a G&LOVERS member whose membership expiration date is after November 2022, you can continue to use the new service without paying a new membership fee until the expiration date.
(After the expiration date of your membership, you will be able to use the new service without paying a new membership fee.
(Payment will be required for the new service after the membership expiration date.)
Only if you do not wish to transfer to the new service, we will refund the membership fee for the remaining period.

[Q] Do I need to download the app?

You can view some of the sections on your phone as is, but to view the live video feeds, live audio feeds, group chats, and other real-time feeds, you need to have the Bitfan app (free) installed on your phone. It is easy to do.

Details on how to download the app and get an ID are below!

Click here for instructions on how to download and use the Bitfan app

To get your Bitfan ID

[Q] What exactly are the procedures? What do I need to join?

After registering as a free member of Bitfan, you can transfer your membership expiration date by entering the specific information of your G&LOVERS membership on the transfer page of the new service.
The specific information to be linked to your G&LOVERS membership number will be provided in October or later.

[Q] When can I register for the new service?

GACKT ONLINE G&L MEMBERS CLUB service is scheduled to start at noon on Tuesday, November 1, 2022.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA