GACKT Official news update. Translation below:

GACKT, who is coming back from an indefinite hiatus, will start the [ GACKT:RE PROJECT ] with themes such as [RETURN] [REBORN] [RESURRECTION] [REVIVAL].

As the first step, GACKT:RE will be releasing a revival distribution and a set of 16 items of goods as the [GACKT:RE Revival Commemorative Goods Set].

Order acceptance period
Until 10 Aug (Wed) 23:59

Product delivery period
Please allow some time for delivery as this set of goods is completely made to order.
(Current estimated delivery date: late September).
*Delivery may be delayed if there is a concentration of orders or depending on the region in which the customer lives.
If a product cannot be delivered due to being sold out or other reasons, customer support will contact you.
We do not accept changes, cancellations, returns, etc. after an order has been placed because the product is completely made-to-order.

Sales price
30,000 (excluding tax)

Sales URL

If you select Amazon Pay as your payment method, you will receive a dispatch notification email before the scheduled dispatch date due to the 30-day retention period for payment information.
Please be aware of this beforehand. You will be notified separately on NEWS when the dispatch is completed.

Product Description.

▷Picture MF Towel.
Towel made of microfibre material with GACKT’s latest artist photo and GACKT:RE logo design.
Size: 84 cm x 34 cm.

▷Hand MF towel.
Towel made of microfibre material with GACKT:RE logo.
Size: 20 cm x 20 cm.

▷Acrylic stand (2 types)
Two types of acrylic stands: GACKT’s latest artist photo ver and a suit ver shot for the revival commemorative set, with GACKT’s tattoo logo designed on the base.
Size: 11 cm x 4 cm.

T-shirt with a simple GACKT:RE [ : ] on the front for everyday use and GACKT’s tattoo logo on the back.
Available in four different sizes from S-LL.

▷[UVxDRY] zip hoodie.
GACKT:RE monochrome logo on the front and GACKT’s tattoo logo all over the back. Water-absorbing, quick-drying and UV-cut specification for UV protection.
Available in four different sizes from S-LL.

▷Hood towel
Hooded towels are ideal for swimming pools, the sea and holidays.
The GACKT:RE logo is placed on the entire surface.
Size: 120 cm x 44 cm + hood section.

▷Sacoche with clear pocket.
Sakosh (shoulder-mounted mini pouch) with the GACKT:RE logo placed all over. It also has a clear pocket on the front.
Size: 29 cm x 22 cm

▷Picture tapestry.
Tapestry featuring GACKT in a suit, shot for the revival commemorative set. Made of shiny suede fabric.
Size: 72.8 cm x 51.5 cm

Fan with GACKT:RE logo design.
Size: 7 cm.

▷Pair of glasses (2 types)
Two types of paired glasses: GACKT:RE logo ver. and GACKT tattoo logo ver.
Glass capacity 325 ml.

▷Hakuunishi pair coasters (2 types)
Pair coasters were also created to match the pair glasses.
The Hakuunishi stone absorbs water drops quickly.
Size: 10.3 cm (diameter).

▷Bodhi Tattoo Sticker
Bodhi tattoo stickers that can be transferred to the skin and other surfaces.
Enjoy transferring the GACKT tattoo logo to a location of your choice, such as placing it in the same position as GACKT.
Size: 25 cm x18 cm

▷Artist photo
Printed with GACKT’s latest artist photo.
What a surprise! From those who purchase this set, a limited number of 49 copies will be personally signed by GACKT to celebrate his 49th birthday!

The product image is for illustrative purposes only and is subject to colour and specification changes.
Due to the limited quantities of this product, there are no plans for a la carte sales.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA