Musician GACKT attended the announcement of the “General Incorporated Association, Regenerative Medicine Welfare Support Fund” initiated project in Osaka City on March 17, and resumed his activities for the first time in about nine months since he announced an indefinite hiatus last September due to poor health. On the 16th of last month, he had expressed his intention to resume his activities by the end of this year.

GACKT revealed, “I got sick last year, suspended all activities, and started various treatments overseas, but they didn’t work very well” and explained that his encounter with regenerative medicine led to improvement.

He explained about his medical condition, “I also suffered from dysphonia at that time, and my immune system was severely impaired due to a decline in liver function. Then there was the skin disease. I also developed alopecia, and the symptoms got worse and worse at first,” he revealed.

He also revealed, “My hair was falling out at a level where it was falling between my fingers, and my skin became like an elephant’s. I wondered if I would ever be able to come back…” There was a period of mental depression as well. I finally got back to this point after six months of regenerative medicine,” he said with a smile of relief.

Turning to the camera, he said, “You can tell by looking at my face,” and smiled, “I was a wreck, so I think I’ve finally reached the point where I can show this much of my bare skin. In the midst of all this, I met people involved in regenerative medicine and treatment, and I made a donation to the fund to see if there was anything I could do to help,” he said, explaining the reason for his attendance on this day.

On September 8, 2021, GACKT announced through his agency that he would be taking an “indefinite hiatus” from his activities. He also revealed that a nervous system disease from his childhood had triggered a life-threatening condition at one point, and that he had also developed a severe speech impediment, so he had entered into an indefinite hiatus of his activities after consultation.

On May 16 of this year, his office reported on the progress of his illness and the resumption of his activities. “GACKT himself has recovered to the point where he has no trouble with his daily life, and he will gradually return to work,” explaining that he plans to resume his activities by the end of the year according to his recovery status.

On the same day, the Regenerative Medicine Welfare Support (President: Nami Oyama) announced the establishment of a fund to support treatment costs for the disabled and research expenses related to regenerative medicine. GACKT, who endorsed the purpose of the fund and made a large individual donation, received an award from the organization. Other attendees included former yokozuna Hakuho’s master Mamagaki and former sekiwake Asahitenho’s master Oshima.

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