GACKT Official news update. Translation below:

We have an important announcement from Agency in Japan about GACKT.

Since we made an announcement regarding GACKT’s illness, we’ve raised a lot of concern among everyone at LOVERS.

We have a message from GACKT himself to all the LOVERS who’ve always been supporting him.

There is a message from GACKT below.
This is an important message from GACKT to everyone at LOVERS.

This is GACKT.
I made all of you worry.
Thank you for so many messages.
It’s ok, I’m still alive. Ahaha

This time, I returned to Japan in early August for a shoot,
but a few days later, I felt very sick.
It seems that I have fainted a few times
which usually happens only once in a few years.
I guess, I’m used to it.
But it wasn’t happening lately,
so I thought that I got better.

I’ve been feeling very sick for about 3 weeks since then,
and have lost about 10kg, but my current condition is stable.

The thing is, I don’t know what caused my illness,
but I can’t use my voice right.

For about 10 years now, I was preparing to cure my illness abroad,
and receiving medical treatment, etc.
However, I don’t know what caused it,
if it’s something that got worse over time,
or some kind of a neurological disorder,
all I know is that it triggers a sudden dysphonia.

To put it simply,
it is difficult to speak in certain situations
because my voice doesn’t come out right.

“To get here, and now this…”, to be honest,
I was depressed for a few days,
but now I think that this might be a chance for me to make a change,
“I’m GACKT so I can overcome this obstacle!”, is what I believe.

After many discussions with doctors, agents and stakeholders,
we’ve decided to give top priority to my recovery.

I’m sorry to say,
but I’ve stopped all my activities
and will dedicate my time to treatment and recovery.

I honestly don’t know what I’m gonna do.
But anyway, I’ll do my best to come back soon.

As the world continues to change,
I think that many people go through hard times and many lose their hope.
But there are no obstacles that we cannot overcome.
I’ll definitely overcome mine.
Let’s move forward together.
Let’s believe that we can overcome each obstacle
we face without running away from it!

And finally,
I’m seriously sorry for making everyone worry.
I’ll will definitely be back.
I’ll get stronger.
I’ll become an even more amazing GACKT.

The promise I made to all of you, I’ll definitely keep it,
I’ll bring you the album and the tour.

I’ll always keep my promise no matter what.
So please just wait a while longer.



Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA