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GACKT and Fumi Nikaido are involved again, and Japan’s top entertainment farce is finally underway!

The shocking content of the film, which thoroughly disrespects Saitama, became a big topic of conversation and recorded box office revenues of 3.76 billion yen! The film won 12 awards at the Japan Academy Awards, including Best Director.
The film made its mark in the history of Japanese cinema and created an unprecedented “Saitama boom” that transcended the world of cinema and developed into a social phenomenon! The love for his hometown is deeply engraved in the hearts of the people of Saitama Prefecture.
Two years have passed since the release of the previous film, “Tonde-Saitama”, and the production of the sequel, “Tonde-Saitama II (tentative title)”, has been decided!


Comment from GACKT

I’m only 、、、、 anxious to be involved in this great entertainment that is silly in a good way again.
Even though I dissed Saitama so much in the last movie, the director wants to do a sequel again. Is the director an idiot? It’s completely broken.
And GACKT is playing a high school student again…no?
I have a lot of doubts, but I believe that with director Takeuchi and Fumi, who I worked with in the last film, I can make a good film…
No, rather, I have no choice but to leave everything to them.
Please look forward to the further power-up of this epic farce. I’m anxious.


Film Information
Title: “Tonde Saitama II” (tentative title)
Release date: 2022
Cast: GACKT, Fumi Nikaido, etc.
Comics: Tonde Saitama” by Mao Mayo (Takarajima Publishing)
Director: Hideki Takeuchi (“Nodame Cantabile” series, “Thermae Romae” series, “Lupin’s Daughter” series, etc.)

Even though the information about the sequel has been released, the film is still under wraps. Please stay tuned for more information!


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