GACKT Official news update. Translation below:

Official goods for the national tour “GACKT LAST SONGS 2021 feat. K”, which will finally start from June 29 (Tue) at Orix Theater in Osaka, will be available at GACKT OFFICIAL GOODS STORE from 17:00 today, June 16 (Wed)!

In addition to the standard tour goods such as PHOTO face towels, T-shirts/tank tops, and “Gakkuchi acrylic key chains”, this time “Nigi Nigi cushion key chains” will also be available.
In addition, “Gakkuchi Bead Cushion” will be available only through mail order.

In order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, and to prevent congestion at the sales floor, we will implement “advance reservation for pickup at the venue”. Please check the details carefully before applying.

Also, an original decorated cake commemorating GACKT’s 48th Birthday will be released! A large visual of GACKT is printed in the center of the cake, and the congratulatory rose is expressed with unsweetened whipped cream.
There are two types of cakes: fresh cream and chocolate, so you can choose the GACKT cake of your choice.

Please check the details of each and take this opportunity to apply.

[GACKT LAST SONGS 2021 feat. K Official Goods]

– What is pre-order for venue pickup?
This is a system that allows you to pick up the products you ordered at GACKT OFFICIAL GOODS STORE at the venue on the day of the event.
You will be able to pick up your order at the venue on the day.

June 29 (Tuesday)
June 29 (Tue) [Osaka] ORIX Theater 
June 30 (Wed) [Aichi] Nagoya Century Hall 
July 3 (Sat) [Kanagawa] Yokosuka Arts Theatre 
July 4 (Sun) [Kanagawa] Yokosuka Arts Theatre 
July 6 (Tue) 【Fukuoka】Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel & Hall 
July 7 (Wed) 【Fukuoka】Fukuoka Sunpalace Hotel & Hall

《Sales period》
Pre-order for pick-up at the venue: Wednesday, June 16, 17:00 – until 23:59 the day before each performance
Post-performance delivery mail order (1st): June 16 (Wed) 17:00 – June 27 (Sun) 23:59
The post-performance delivery mail order will be delivered sequentially from mid-July after all the tour performances are over.

《About the designated time zone for receiving products》
15:00 – 17:30 for each performance *All times are on a first-come, first-served basis.

《How to order/collect the product at the venue》
Please check the details of GACKT OFFICIAL GOODS STORE reception page carefully before applying.

《GACKT 48th Birthday MEMORIAL CAKE》 special site


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