Tonde Saitama (releasing 22 February), the movie that bullies Saitama Prefecture, had its Japan premiere on the 28th at Tokyo Dome City Hall in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo andit was attended by lead stars Nikaido Fumi (24) and GACKT (45).

 Nikaido and GACKT appeared walking on the “green carpet” of artificial grass based on the shocking line “Saitama citizens, eat the grass over there!”.

 It is a movie based on the original manga by Maya Mineo (65) that disses Saitama, and with the support (?) of Saitama Prefecture, it became a hit which sold over 690,000 copies. Nikaido, who plays a “beautiful male high school student”, said, “I did wonder if a movie that disses Saitama is alright, but halfway through, it starts to head towards the direction of love. Whether you’re from Saitama or from Chiba, I’d be glad if this will increase your local love”.

 GACKT, who plays Rei, a member of the Saitama Liberation Front, confessed that when he first heard that it was for the part of a high school student, “I immediately declined”. Recalling a scene with his rival from Chiba Liberation front and the butler to Tokyo’s governor, Akutsu Sho (Iseya Yusuke, 42), he said, “This could just be the biggest farce of the century. Iseya-kun stuffed peanuts into my nose. Numerous times in rehearsals. We did that seriously without laughing or aiming to make people laugh”.

 Finally, while saying “I love Saitama!”, they did the “Saitama Pose” along with the approximately 1000 fans gathered. Raising spirits and splitting away from Da-Saitama*.

* Pun that combines Saitama with “dasai” (uncool).


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA