Every year we love to gather all the Xmas wishes. Why? Because we wanna show GACKT how important he is for everyone in the world and we love to give the LOVERS the opportunity of sending all their love. Of course, the people that love GACKT, are far more than this, cause the whole world feels this.

Thank you GACKT for everything you are doing and everything you did in this 2018, this is our little gift for you, you are special. We deeply love you.

We also wanna thank all the people that write us thanking us for our work and all those people that constantly join us in our meetups and events. This is not work but passion and love. GACKT Italia wishes you all the best Christmas and a great 2019, we are deeply grateful for your constant support. We’ll do even more with even more enthusiasm. We are moved by your words, truly, deeply thank you, from the bottom of hour hearts. Thank you for your precious support and your words. Love you all.