Poker Now Twitter update. New photos with GACKT. Translation below:

【incheon】WPT Korea
Global Teams Event
★Tag Team
Team Japan 5th(12pt)
Group A Hiroki Kato 4th(14pt)
Group B GACKT 3rd(16pt)
Group C Takumi Samejima 1st(20pt)

TEAM JAPAN lands in 5th place following a cutting counter attack
USA and Australia have been eliminated. We go into the final day with China in the lead

【Incheon】WPT Korea
Global Teams Event Tidbits
The members of the elite teams sent from each country were a surprise, even to veteran reporter, @Somuchpoker , who is delivering live reports on site. To GACKT too, who has been taking part in tournaments since October 2016, there were many familiar faces who hasn’t met in a long time. Once the competition is over, they’re all great friends with each other.

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team 

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