Kong Invades Shinjuku Early! GACKT recommends 「Golden Gai」 to lead star Tom Hiddleston

The production team from Hollywood’s 『GODZILLA』 brings a larger-than-usual Kong to the action-adventure spectacular 『Kong: Skull Island』. The movie was released in the US on the 10th, ahead of Japan, and broke out with a big start, raking in around 7 billion yen in the first 3 days, and it has already brought in over 16 billion yen in sales worldwide.

It will finally be released in Japan on March 25 but, ahead of this release, the Japan premiere was held, with Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, and Samuel L. Jackson coming to Japan for the event. An orange carpet, the Godzilla Road, was laid out in front of TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku, and GACKT and Sasaki Nozomi of the Japanese dubbing cast also appeared as guests.

The 3 visiting guests gave lots of fan service to the fans who were lined up along the 120m long carpet. Getting on stage with the dubbing cast, Tom, who was visiting Japan for the first time, said 「Everyone is so kind and friendly, and the food here is delicious. I’ve had some sushi and sashimi. And I’m also very excited to be standing below Godzilla.」, sharing his thoughts, and just like in the movie, the first thing Samuel said was 「Ohayoー! (good morning)」, warming up the atmosphere in the venue.

Turning to Hiddleston, who has to leave Japan soon, GACKT recommended, 「What about going to Golden Gai?」, to which Brie, too, responded 「I’ve heard of it!」. After hearing about what Golden Gai is like, Tom was interested as he said 「It sounds fantastic!」. Incidentally, with regards to his impression of Tom, GACKT said 「He’s a good man up close. You rarely meet a man who’s great up close」.

Source: top.tsite.jp

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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