Loud cheers from 1,200 fans for Tom Hiddleston, who visits Japan for the first time! GACKT charmed too 「Great guy」

British actor Tom Hiddleston, who is steadily gaining popularity in Japan, attended the Japan premier of 『Kong: Skull Island』, which he stars in, on March 15 (Tue) in Tokyo. He was showered in loud cheers from the approximately 1,200 fans gathered, and Tom, who is visiting Japan for the first time, was thankful, saying 「Thank you for the warm welcome」.

He was delighted as he recounted enjoying Japanese cuisine during his stay, saying 「I’ve had sushi and sashimi. The food here is delicious」. After enjoying the interaction with fans at the premiere, he returned to the waiting area but he showed a warm-hearted response as he went out again, and gave autographs and took pictures.

The Japan premiere was attended by Tom, his co-stars Oscar winning actress Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson (『Avengers』), along with GACKT and Sasaki Nozomi from the Japanese dubbing cast. The chosen venue was Godzilla Road at Shinjuku Kabukicho in Tokyo! We’re awaiting the release of 『Godzilla vs. Kong』 in 2020 but, ahead of that a direct confrontation between the “two giants” was realised on this day.

Brie, who won an Academy Award for Best Actress for the movie 『Room』 last year, came back to Japan after a year and said 「Tokyo is my favourite city in the world」, full of smiles even as she shivered in the cold. Samuel, who last came to Japan to promote 『Avengers』 around 4 years and 7 months ago, said 「Ohayou gozaimasu! (good morning)」, blurting out a morning greeting at the night premiere. When it was pointed out to him by the interpreter, he said with an embarrassed smile 「It’s morning in L.A. right now. Konbanwa~~ (good evening)」.

With the intention of territory expansion, an expedition team was sent the mysterious Skull Island but suddenly encountered the gigantic island guardian Kong and enormous beasts beyond a human’s imagination, thrusting them into a desperate survival situation. Helmed by the 32-year-old genius Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the powerful adventure epic was released last weekend in America and has just reached number 1 in ranking.

GACKT-san appeared to have been charmed by Tom after meeting him for the first time, saying「He’s a good man up close… You rarely get the chance to meet such a great guy up close」. He then recommended a popular Tokyoite spot in English, saying 「What about going to Golden Gai? I’ve never been there though (laughs)」, to which Tom said 「Wow! Sounds fantastic」, full of interest. Sasaki-san too raised her hand, saying 「I want to go too」.

『Kong: Skull Island』 will be released nationwide on March 25.

Source: cinemacafe.net

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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