GACKT to Tom Hiddleston who is visiting Japan for the first time 「Do you want to go to Golden Gai?」

The Japan premiere of the adventure epic 『Kong: Skull Island』 (releasing on March 25) was held on March 15 at the Shinjuku Kabukicho Godzilla Road. Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, and Samuel L. Jackson came to Japan, and Japanese dub cast members GACKT and Sasaki Nozomi walked on the orange carpet with them.

Tom, who visited Japan for the first time, paid lip service, saying 「Thank you very much for the warm welcome」. And with regards to Tom, GACKT said with a smile 「He’s a really good man up close. Samuel too is very friendly」.

Then, GACKT asked Tom 「Is there anything you’d like to do before leaving tomorrow?」, who in turn asked for recommendations on where to go. GACKT suggested 「Do you want to go to Golden Gai?」, and Tom became interested, saying 「It sounds great」. Just as we thought that GACKT was going to show him around, he said wryly 「I’ve never been there too」.

Sasaki asked Brie about the action scenes in the movie and candidly revealed,「The hardest part was the stamina. Just to be able to keep doing it. Because we’re running and climbing for 10 hours a day」. Sasaki was impressed and exclaimed「10 hours!? That’s amazing」.

Because of how cold it was, halfway in, Samuel lent his jacket to Brie but midway through the photo session she took her leave, creating a buzz in the venue.

『Kong: Skull Island』is a survival movie about an expedition team that was dispatched to the mysterious Skull Island and encountered King Kong and other gigantic creatures there. The team that worked on the Hollywood version of『GODZILLA』were involved in this movie as well.


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