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The commitment of【Blanc】towards the best Japanese technology and service

I woke up well today.
Woke up to the sound of rain.

I quickly finished training
then stood before the mirror in the clothes I chose for today.

The way I look in clothes has changed quite a bit.
Probably because my chest grew bigger.

When I went up to the lobby, the rain was beautiful.
I stared at the beauty of the patterns made by the rain for period of time.

The appearance of the trees can change everyday.
That’s why I’ll never get sick of it no matter when I look at them.
I suppose it’s the same for people too.

No matter their age, beautiful people
can deliver allure and sex appeal no matter how they change.

I would like the many women in the world
to always be like that.

I headed to KL’s Westin Hotel
to wait for my partner and meet up with him,
and while waiting I spent time having tea.

We met up and chatted
then headed to PAVILION Mall.

This PAVILION is a landmark of KL’s
and is a top notch mall.

Maybe it’s because it’s of high class that
be it weekday or weekend, it never feels hectic.
I love being able to afford feeling so relaxed.

Today, on the 6th floor of this mall,
the VIP Specialty Eyelash Extension Salon 【Blanc】,
which was receiving consultation support from my KL company, has opened.

The opening party will be held on another day but
I immediately headed over for its soft launch.

As one of those which will spread
the best Japanese technology and service to South East Asia,
this time, we’ve supported Blanc’s expansion
in KL from the start.

Blanc has already
successfully expanded into other South East Asian countries.
The reason for that is something that I find very interesting too.

Normally, it takes about a week at least, or around 10 days at most
to teach practitioners the techniques of doing eyelash extensions,
after which the practitioner will start providing the service to clients as an eyelash artist.

Blanc will even take as long as 4 months
to let their practitioners thoroughly practice
the best Japanese techniques as many times needed
before finally opening for business.
This is one of the reasons why Blanc
is successful not only in Japan, but overseas as well.

I don’t think that there are any other companies in the same industry
that teach their techniques to this extent.

I was waiting impatiently for it
and I’m really happy that it has finally opened.

I had a look in the store.
The private VIP room, and the pair rooms too
were completely furnished with beautiful workmanship.

I think that not only the Japanese living here,
but the local VIPs too, who want Japan’s high quality and service,
will like this.

Ordinary practitioners
will also provide a number of ther services like
manicures, massages, facials, and others
which is a common thing to do but,
Blanc only
provides eyelash extension services
so as to prevent a drop in the quality of eyelash extensions.

This fastidious way of theirs
is something that I empathise with and moves my heart.

I am proud of
being able to provide the best entertainment
on my stage because I stick with what I believe in.

It’s easy to compromise.

I heard that many men are doing this too.
The next time I come back to KL,
I’ll try getting an eyelash extension too.

Mm, that’s one more thing to look forward to!

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