Sasaki Nozomi’s Mini Panic at Her First Dubbing! Entranced by GACKT’s Follow Up…

On the 16th, actress Sasaki Nozomi attended the public dubbing event for the movie『Kong: Skull Island』, together with musician GACKT, in Tokyo and showed herself completely infatuated with GACKT’s aura and his gentlemanliness.

This movie is an epic adventure set on Skull Island, a place filled with fearsome monsters where King Kong reigns as a god and depicts an expedition team’s desperate fight for survival there. GACKT will be dubbing for Tom Hiddleston’s character, the expedition leader Conrad, while Sasaki will be dubbing for Oscar winner Brie Larson’s character, the photojournalist Weaver. On this day, they took on the challenge of dubbing two scenes.

Sasaki was nervous from the start, saying「It’s my first time doing dubs, being in front of everyone (the media) like this is a first as well, so I’m feeling nervous but I’ll do my best」. GACKT, who looked as if he was calm and cool, also laughed and said「I may look like this but I’m also nervous」, but he displayed a perfect performance from the very first take, and even the production staff were full of praise for him, saying「It’s truly a top-class dubbing」.

On the other hand, Sasaki couldn’t get her voice to fit, and couldn’t get her lines out, resulting in her mini panic as she said「I’m sorry……」. To such a Sasaki, GACKT gave her the advice to not rush, and then complimented her with「Cute~」, bringing laughter to the venue and changing the atmosphere, while gently following.

In fact, that was the first time that the two of them met. With regards to GACKT, Sasaki said with a smile「I was moved. This being the first time that I’m doing something like this, and with his aura being so bright and sparkly, I wasn’t sure that he would talk to me but he’s been kindly teaching me since the beginning, he’s a really friendly person」. GACKT too quickly retorted with「I’m nice to cute people. Because I’m a gentleman」, making Sasaki blush.

Then, the MC threw GACKT, who is fluent in 5 languages, the question「Will an offer from just any country be accepted?」, to which he answered with a bitter laugh「That’s not what it’s like… …」. But he sounded like he had ambitions and looked spirited as he said,「Recently I’ve been rejecting movie offers because of my tour so I would instead like to take up the challenge of doing a foreign movie again next year or the year after」. Sasaki too, looked hopeful for a foray into Hollywood as she said「It would be an honour, and if there was such a chance I would definitely like to take it! I think it would be good to continue trying more and more new things」.

The movie『Kong: Skull Island』will be available nationwide from March 25.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA