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Maybe it’s because I raised the temperature in the hotel but
I woke up after sleeping for about 3 hours.
I did my training in the room.

Since I managed to get to this stage by doing nothing except push ups
I tried sandwiching a lipstick in my chest.

Ararara… I’m able to sandwich it.
My shoulders and chest has achieved quite a good balance.

The home training method is rapidly reaching completion.
Take the supplements, then get tired.

After drinking coffee
I headed to Yasaka Shrine in a car.

For the whole of today,
I’ll walk around the streets Kyoto for fan club events!
So, I carried out that reckless plan.

Well, honestly it would be nice if it ended without any incident… I thought,
with that in mind, I walked down the slope of Yasaka Shrine.

Nostalgic scenery unfolded before my eyes.
I used to descend this hill everyday in the past.
Of course, I’m talking about doing that at night.

It could actually be the first time that I’m walking here in the day.
Maybe it’s because it’s a rest day that there was an exceptional amount of people.

There were also quite a few stores open
and in the midst of the crowds, I walked while being unnoticed.

What’s unusual is that there were quite a few people
dressed in Kimono who stood out.

GemCerey’s Nakano-san said this.

「Most of the people who wear Kimono
are tourists from China」

When I perked my ears up near them
indeed they were speaking in Chinese.

Occasionally I heared Korean too.

Anyway, it’s odd.

Take for example.

If everyone in Kyoto
walked around in Kimono,
simply doing that will probably
inflate the number of tourists by 2 to 3 times.

Not only those from China,
but even local Japanese will all come and visit
because they want to enjoy that atmosphere.

I wouldn’t put it to the extent of cosplay but
if the city or prefecture pushes this forward,
it’ll create an even bigger impact as a tourist city.

The fact that the colours of a city
is not only made up of its buildings and scenery
but also of the 【people】 who live there
needs to be recognised more.

Even if the city has a modern backdrop,
if everyone walking down the shopping district are dressed in Kimono
that will definitely be a spectacular sight to behold.

Kyoto’s Kimono shops are closing down.
By going forward with something like this
don’t you think that Kyoto’s historical industries can be protected.

After visiting Yasaka Shrine
I walked along the street of Shinkyogoku.
It was overflowing with an incredible number of tourists and locals.

Anyway, I tried taking a step in but
in moments, the passers-by
continued following
and soon it became an outrageous train of followers.

I made it through the street without issues and got into the car
then headed to an arcade where Gakucchi can be found.

Currently, Gakucchi has become a popular character
to the extent that almost all arcades don’t have any stocks left.
It’s a happy thing.

Just for this day
the arcade in Aeon
specially made and delivered
a machine from the head company.

I’m extremely bad at UFO Catchers.
No matter how many times I’ve tried, I’m still bad at it.

I put in an unbelievable number of coins but
I really can’t get it…

The shop staff who could not bear to watch it said

「Try attacking from behind!」

Just listening to that line sounds obscene…

I successfully got 2 Gakucchi.
I gave them to a couple who happened to be there
then lastly headed to Inari Shrine.

Honestly, it’s my first time coming to Inari Shrine.
For some reason I visit it a lot less.

As I ascended the steps, a spectacular world appeared before me.
It’s really beautiful.

While praying, I took in the atmosphere.

It’s packed with tourists here too.

I tried drawing a fortune slip and got my fortune told.


「You’ll win every challenge!」

was the good news that was written.
Let’s proceed ahead with confidence.

Just written there was

「The person you await is coming」

They started teasing me
“Will someone really come!”.

Just like that, we walked around the premises for about an hour
and at the end, we met a group of Japanese
who were dressed in Kimono.

I thought from the bottom of my heart, that in the end,
I would still like to see more Japanese dressing in Kimono.

When they walked past,
I said,

『How beautiful』

The girls in that group
waved their hands and loudly said
Thank you very much〜〜〜!!
happily, and delighted.

I guess I like definitely like Kimono after all…
I murmured in my heart.

At the end, when I was going through the Torii gates
the scenery before my eyes that was illuminated by the sunset
was so beautiful that I almost teared.

Such beautiful scenery was right before my eyes.
It was great that I came here.

At the end, everyone went to a Yakiniku restaurant together
and again talked about work…
In our usual manner, we continued late into the night.

Kyoto is great!

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