Warner Bros Twitter update. Translation below:

1. .。oO Today we’ve snuck into the venue of the public dubbing venue for 『King Kong: Skull Island』! We heard that GACKT-san and Nozomi Sasaki-san, the voices actors for the Japanese dubs, are coming and we are really excited… #KingKongMovie

2. \Main event has started!/ The public dub recording for 『King Kong:Skull Island』has started, with GACKT-san dubbing Tom Hiddleston’s voice & Sasaki Nozomi-san dubbing Brie Larson’s voice!! Sasaki-san, who is scheduled to start recording tomorrow, looks openly nervous… #KingKongMovie

3. ※During the dubbing…

Sasaki-san 「Moto igirisu rikyugun… I’m sorry… ///」
GACKT-san「… So cute 」
>  Cute <
 ̄Y^Y^Y^Y^Y ̄


4. GACKT-san and Sasaki-san has smoothly recorded 2 scenes, and are now being asked about this time’s offer of roles as voice actors…

GACKT-san said excitedly, 「I’ve watched the movie before this and… The last part was so interesting that I was at the edge of my seat! I was glad to receive the offer!!」#KingKongMovie

5. Similary, with regards to the dubbing offer, Sasaki-san commented 「I believe that challenging myself with new experiences is important, so I accepted it! I also watched the movie before this and… I guess you could say that it’s the kind of movie… that you can’t tear your eyes away from until the very end! I think that this movie is one that women will definitely enjoy as well.」, expressing that the movie is one that even women will find satisfaction in! #KingKongMovie

6. GACKT-san, who voices Tom Hiddleston’s Conrad, said 「Since he’s someone who is described as 『a composed retired veteran who doesn’t really show his emotions』, maybe it’s because I spoke with a lower voice… but now, as well, it sounds as if the tension is low but just by dragging it the tension will actually become much higher! A good looking man with a low voice」 #KingKongMovie

7. With GACKT-san’s small talk, Sasaki-san became more relaxed, and today’s official public dubbing has smoothly concluded!

Sasaki-san 「Each one’s conflict and thoughts are depicted very well, so I think that this is a movie that can definitely be enjoyed!」

GACKT-san「You’ll feel like you’ve been decieved, do watch it!!」#KingKongMovie

Source: @warnerjp

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA