GACKT’s new releases for 2017 will start begin with [Tsumi no Keishō ~ORIGINAL SIN~].

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This song, which can currently be heard as the ending theme song for he ongoing TV anime [TRICKSTER -Edogawa Ranpo Shonen Tanteida Yori-], can be said to be a work that showcases the best of GACKT.

The theme of the song revolves around “the reason why this person became who he is”. By all means, do get a feel of this by listening to the ending theme song of this ongoing anime. And the CD jacket this time around was revealed on the GACKT Official homepage. The First Press Limited Edition (CD + DVD) is the [Blindfolded GACKT Ver.] with him restrained in a chair. The Regualr Edition (CD only) is the [GACKT Looking Upwards Ver.], and need I say, features him restrained in a chair. Images that couldn’t have been thought of from the title of [Tsumi no Keisho ~ORIGINAL SIN~] has been created. Do get your hands on it when it released in March.

DWANGO, GACKT, GACKT Italia, GACKT 2017, GACKT translations

Furthermore, from February 22 onwards, the pre-release of [Tsumi no Keisho ~ORIGINAL SIN~] (Ending song of TV anime TRICKSTER -Edogawa Ranpo shonen Tanteidan Yori-) will be available on Dwango and more! We hope you’re looking forward to it too.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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