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Well, I’ve arrived in Japan.

I’m going to raid the editorial department now…

but I’m just kidding, I came back to Japan for a day to film the MV. It’s too cold…

The moment the plane doors opened, cold air came flooding in.

Just as I thought 「What the hell is with this cold!」, I looked to the side, and the brother in shorts was trembling.

Of course that would happen! I thought, and headed towards the exit.
The sunlight is glaringly bright…

Even so.
What’s with this? Just how long is this hallway??

I keep walking and walking but I can’t see the exit. Just where am I headed towards? … Right, the exit…

The distance you have to walk in Haneda is seriously long. Considering this, Haneda is really well built.

It’s always pretty fast whenever I’m passing through customs with only hand-carry luggage.

But sometimes, customs officers with bad attitudes do appear.

Of course, they might forget to greet after having seen all kinds of people day after day.

But you guys are the face of Japan! That thought always crosses my mind when I meet customs officials with bad attitudes.

When he barked 「Passport!」 at me, I can’t help but say 「Isn’t there a better way to say it?」. There are overbearing people, especially among young customs officers.

With such people I would prefer to not lose my cool and act like a gentleman but, but if their attitudes are exceedingly surly, I’d end up saying 「Haah?!」.

I’m still a kid too. This morning I was unlucky enough to meet a customs officer with bad attitude and a small voice.

It seemed like I left out a field but, he simply mumbled 「Address…」, I didn’t catch what he said, so I said 「Eh??」 and went in closer. Then, again, the customs officer softly mumbled 「Address…」.

Only then, I realised I probably missed filling out a field. But, I thought, isn’t there a better way to tell me that?

No matter how you look at it, I’m older than he is and that’s not the kind of attitude you use when you’re speaking with someone older than you? Instantly I was seething with anger.

Just then, an elderly looking staff who saw what was happening came running over, 「It’s alright. Please go ahead」 he said with a smile.

With a smile as well, I said to him 「Thank you very much」, and he said 「Ahー, you’re so cool」. I became embarrassed about getting angry and annoyed.

「No, no」 I said with a bow, and walked out through the gate.

I think it’s tough on the customs officers to deal with so many different people everyday. Thank you for your hard work.

Because you guys are at the entrance of Japan, if you can afford to smile, please do. The anxiety felt by people coming in from abroad will definitely go down a little.

When we travel overseas, how many times have we been offended by the rude attitudes of those American customs officers. I always wonder, are we a country that’s as arrogant as America?

We don’t need such overbearing attitudes in our culture. We’re not enemies.

Anyway, before heading towards the filming studio, I visited the dentist to check my teeth.

To think that I was actually able to bump into a friend that I’ve hardly been able to meet because our schedules don’t match. I looked to my side and say SUGIZO sitting there.
「Ehー! What are you doing here? SUGIZO!!」 I thought, why the hell did I ask that question for when we’re obviously in a place that’s specifically for dental care, but I was too happy over meeting him again after such a long time.

As expected, it was too early in the morning so no one was around.

After about an hour, my check up ended, and next I went for hair removal.

This is also another regular maintenance I have to do.

Then, it’ll be time for shooting soon.
During hair removal, I’ll be taking a nap.

Good night.

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