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We are holding Phase 2 of the CLUB GACKT Members-Only Present Campaign.

This time’s present constant gets sold out! It’s difficult to get your hands on it now!!
We will be giving away 5 units of the 「NesCafe Barista GACKT Model」♪

We await your applications!


【Present details】
「NesCafe Barista GACKT Model」 for 5 winners

【Application period】
From Jan 20 (Mon) 12:00 until Feb 19 (Sun) 2017, 23:59

【Announcement of winners】
February 24 2017 (Fri)
※The nicknames of the winners will be announced on the CLUB GACKT page.

【Expected delivery】
Expected to be delivered from around February 27 2017 onwards

【Eligible participants】
・Everyone who joined on or before 19 February 2017 (Sun)
・Members who have reached “100 points” in their GAME Points
・Members who answered the survey

※If you cancel your membership after winning the present but before it is shipped out, you will be disqualified from the lottery.
※This campaign is only open to CLUB GACKT members.
※Each person can only register for the draw once.
※If you are discovered to have registered multiple times, all your entries will be invalid.
※We will not be able to answer inquiries regarding the result.
※The applications of members do not fulfil the requirement of having at least 100 points in their GAME Points will be invalid.



Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team
Translation © GACKT ITALIA