HAPPY SUNDAY LOVERS FAMILY! How are you all? TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAYYYYYYY!!!!!! So i’m gonna celebrate as usual with the Staff Blog and my baby GACKT ITALIA ahahah! So if you missed something about GACKT last week just take a look at this recap~

Let’s start with an important info from GC online store:

And here all the translations of LINE and FACEBOOK:

All the amazing Weibo’s translations and photos, enjoy and fill your eyes and hearts:

…a lot of funny and interesting Instagram updates too:

…a lot of funny and interesting Instagram updates too:

GACKT increased hit winning streak on Kakuzuke Check! Read this article:

Some updates from Yasuhiro Hamano’s Facebook, that’s always gifting us with amazing photos too:

And…look! Look at this Instagram update! Very interesting ahahah:

That’s all for today! See you next Sunday and… WE WISH YOU AN AMAZING WEEK WITH GACKT AND GACKT ITALIA! Stay tuned~ kisu!