Camui♂Gakuen appearance!!「Kishidan Expo 2016 ~Boso Rock’n Roll Champion Carnival~」6 hours per day with a total of 12 hours of exclusive broadcast on WOWOW!

「Kishidan Expo 2016 ~Boso Rock’n Roll Champion Carnival~」, which Camui♂Gakuen performed at, will be broadcasted by WOWOW! Look forward to it!!

●First Day’s broadcast November 19th(Sat)!
First part at 15:00~ WOWOW Live(BS-9ch) / Latter part at 18:00~ WOWOW Live(BS-192ch)

UVERworld/AK-69 /Okazaki Taiiku / ORIGINAL LOVE / GACKT presents Camui♂Gakuen / Kishidan / Golden Bomber / Kobayashi Sachiko /C&K /Shimizu Michiko / Sendai Kamotsu / Team Syachihoko/AAA/ MAN WITH A MISSION /MONGOL800/RIZE/RIP SLYME(Alphabetical Order)

●Second Day’s broadcast November 20th(Sun)!
First Part at 15:00~ WOWOW Live(BS-192ch) / Latter Part at 18:00~ WOWOW Live BS-192ch)

Antonio Inoki /VAMPS/SA/the GazettE /Kishidan / Crazy Ken Band /THE COLLECTORS/ SiM/Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku /TUBE/DJ Dainoji /10-FEET/Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra / Mika Nakashima / Momoiro Clover Z / Moriyama Naotaro/Eikichi Yazawa(Alphabetical Order)

Before the live broadcast, there will be an hour-long special free-to-air program!

「Kishidan Expo 2016 ~Boso Rock’n Roll Champion Carnival~ Shortly special broadcast before the live」

●Broadcast on November 13th(Sun)!
12:45~ WOWOW Prime(BS-9ch)[Free]
※Since the pre-concert special broadcast before is free-to-air, anyone who can tune into BS will be able to watch it.

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Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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