GACKT Edition
He gave us some of his valuable time during his short stays in Japan to capture material for the cover story.
We bring to you scenes of the shoot that produced one spectacular shot after another~!

1. The shoot starts with him being entwined in the iron pipe scaffolding!
2. He looks behind while leaning backwards. They proceed with using various parts of the frame.
3. While shooting, he teased about love between him and the cameraman who he is close to (lol)
4. Burst shots of him standing up were taken. He looks cool from every angle!
5. With a background of toned paper. His challenging stare is extremely manly ♥
6. Continuing with a shot of him sitting on the box. His long slim legs shown in this pose gathers sighs……
7. His expression of ennui as he looks towards the sky. For some reason your eyes will be glued to his chest!
8. A shot of his standing pose too. His overwhelming coolness gives the cameraman maximum tension!
9. Last cut with the stairs in the studio. He looks like he’s floating from the side
10. It’s hard to tell but, he descended the really steep steps, the camera shutter clicks in the stillness


Traduzione: GACKT ITALIA Team

Traduzione © GACKT ITALIA